Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I think we have a model on our hands...or maybe not!!!!

On Brady's 2-week birthday we attempted to have his newborn photos taken by my friend Julie (who took my maternity pictures). Brady had plans of his own, though- to cry uncontrolably! EEK! So, Julie came back the next day to try again. Brady was sleeping HARD when she arrived so we thought this would be perfect! By the time we got him naked for his pics he was awake, but not crying. YAY! BUT, the instant Julie took the first picture and he saw the big flashes (she had set up her BIG flash stands...not just the one attached to her camera), he got spooked and started crying. There were a few moments that he settled down and that's how she was able to get these great pictures! The good news is, Brady is beautiful!!! The bad news is, he apparently hates cameras! Here are some of my favorite shots Julie got!

He looks like he's waving in this one!
Such a sweet little boy!

He looks like he's nervous in this one...chewing his fingernails!!!

Uh-oh, he's starting to look pitiful! Poor little guy! How is it possible for him to be so cute when he's upset?!?! Love him!

He looks so precious in this one. He's content in Mommy and Daddy's hands!

He's dancing! This picture cracks me up because he looks SO tiny! Trust me, the football is NOT as big as it looks in this picture!

I love the look in his eyes in this picture....such a poser! I. Love. It!

TOUCHDOWN! He's practicing for Daddy!

I think he's getting bored with the pictures....Julie captured him mid-yawn! ;)Look at those sweet feet! I could just gobble them up!!! ;)

My sleepy little Wildcat fan!

Man, I just love this little guy!

So sweet, so peaceful, so PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is our WORLD!


  1. All great models are demanding : ) He's a cutie and I can't believe how much he's grown since those pictures were taken!

    We have a photographer booked for Baby Kelly and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the super-cute knit hats I ordered from Etsy last week : )

  2. I love them!!! He is so precious! I need to see him again very soon...