Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I think we have a model on our hands...or maybe not!!!!

On Brady's 2-week birthday we attempted to have his newborn photos taken by my friend Julie (who took my maternity pictures). Brady had plans of his own, though- to cry uncontrolably! EEK! So, Julie came back the next day to try again. Brady was sleeping HARD when she arrived so we thought this would be perfect! By the time we got him naked for his pics he was awake, but not crying. YAY! BUT, the instant Julie took the first picture and he saw the big flashes (she had set up her BIG flash stands...not just the one attached to her camera), he got spooked and started crying. There were a few moments that he settled down and that's how she was able to get these great pictures! The good news is, Brady is beautiful!!! The bad news is, he apparently hates cameras! Here are some of my favorite shots Julie got!

He looks like he's waving in this one!
Such a sweet little boy!

He looks like he's nervous in this one...chewing his fingernails!!!

Uh-oh, he's starting to look pitiful! Poor little guy! How is it possible for him to be so cute when he's upset?!?! Love him!

He looks so precious in this one. He's content in Mommy and Daddy's hands!

He's dancing! This picture cracks me up because he looks SO tiny! Trust me, the football is NOT as big as it looks in this picture!

I love the look in his eyes in this picture....such a poser! I. Love. It!

TOUCHDOWN! He's practicing for Daddy!

I think he's getting bored with the pictures....Julie captured him mid-yawn! ;)Look at those sweet feet! I could just gobble them up!!! ;)

My sleepy little Wildcat fan!

Man, I just love this little guy!

So sweet, so peaceful, so PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is our WORLD!

Randomness of Brady's 1st 3 Months of Life

So, this being a Mom thing really takes a lot of your time! I apologize for my serious blog slacking but I really hope to be better about it because I know that one day I will really want to remember what our lives were like when Brady was brand new! So, here's a random list of fun things about Brady in these first 3 months of life. I know one day he will want to hear about this....right?!?! If not, I know I will!!! I will do another post soon with some of my favorite pictures from these months too!

- Your dad and I are truly obsessed with you. I have no idea what we used to talk about before you came into our lives. We love you SO MUCH and LOVE being your parents!
- You definitely have a mind of your own and we’ve known that from the beginning when you came 6 days before your due date and 2 days before your scheduled C-Section. You are definitely the BOSS!
- You make the funniest faces! I could just watch you for hours. One of my favorites was the “whistle face” that you made when you were tiny and I would change your diaper. Now you are starting to smile and laugh and that's EVERYONE'S favorite!
-You are a GOOD eater!!! I was a little worried when you lost 12 ounces in the hospital (7 lb, 2 oz), but you have DEFINITELY made up for it since then. When we saw the pediatrician 2 days after we left the hospital you had already gained 4 ounces (7 lb, 6 oz), and when we saw the lactation consultant 10 days later you had gained another pound and 3 ounces (8 lb, 7 oz)! Then 10 days later at our pediatrician appointment you had gained another pound and 7 ounces (9 lb, 14 oz). Then, I stopped worrying about you- I definitely think you have this nursing thing figured out! I am so proud of you!
- At all of your doctor's appointments you have been in the HIGH percentiles. At your 2 month check-up you were in the 86th for weight, 96th for length, and 99th for head circumference! You are a BIG boy!
-You wore newborn clothes and diapers for about a month and a half. Then we were up to size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. At about 2 months you started wearing ALL 0-3 and 3 month clothes and we finised out your size 1 diapers (we got A LOT for shower gifts- yay!) and moved on to size 2! At 3 months you wore mostly 3 month and some 3-6 month clothing (it is amazing how quickly you grow out of things- mostly due to length, you have a LONG torso) and were still in size 2 diapers. You are SO stinkin' cute!
- Your cheeks get chubbier every single day- and I LOVE them!
- We love to sing to you! Your favorites are “My Ole Baby Bunting”, "Hush Little Baby", "Jesus Loves Me", and "You Are My Sunshine"!
- You are your father’s child- you look almost EXACTLY like his baby pictures (but you have my big dark eyes)!
- Your eyes are still a beautiful blue-gray, but I think they get darker every day.
- We have had lots of nicknames for you including: Brade, Little Monkey, Sweet Boy, Tree Frog, Simba (thanks to your Dad holding you up and singing "Kee-Mo-Tab-Ay"), Savage, Little Boy, The Bradester, and Bush Baby just to name a few.
- You stick out your bottom lip and cry big tears- it melts our hearts and I think you have figured that out already!
- I am convinced that your hair is going to be curly like your Daddy’s was when he was little!
- You are the 1st grandbaby on both sides of the family, so you are the apple of EVERYONE’S eye! You have a G-Daddy, Mama Lu, and Aunt Rachel on my side. And a Poppa, Grammie, Aunt Whitney, and Uncle Jack Dog on your Dad’s side.
- You ventured out of “the bubble” very little in your first month of life, but have since made many trips out and about. Usually you do just great and mostly sleep in the car.
- You were born with quite a bit of hair, but lost a lot of it on top after about a month. It has since grown back in and is getting long in the back! It feels like velvet and your Dad and I love to rub it when we hold you!
- During your 1st month you ate about 7-8 times per day, in your 2nd month you ate about 6-8 times per day (I finally stopped waking you up to feed you in the middle of the night- this took a lot of convincing), at 3 months you ate 5-7 times a day. A usual feeding takes 30 or so minutes. You seem to get enough to eat no matter how many times a day you eat! You are pretty awesome!
- We have been using Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies diapers. I think the Pampers are your favorite because you somehow manage to pee out of the Huggies! ;)
- You are DEFINITELY a boys’ boy- you can already burp and toot like a MAN!
- You LOVE your swing and like to nap in it sometimes during the day!
- We tried the Brady-version of Baby Wise to get you on an eating and sleeping schedule. I think it worked! In the 1st month you slept 4.5-5 hours straight at night, 2nd month it went up to 6, and by month 3 you were up to 8-10! We are SO proud...and thankful!
- You have really long fingers and we think you will be a GREAT wide receiver or piano player….or maybe both!
- Your belly is huge and hangs over the sides of your diaper sometimes- it’s precious!
- You love the Boppy because when you see it you know it’s time to eat!
- You will FIGHT to stay awake at all costs during the day. I think it's because you are curious and afraid you will miss something. Usually during the day we have to walk or bounce you to sleep. At night, I usually nurse you and rock you and you fall right to sleep!
- You make some funny noises…and some NOT so funny ones (like gasping) that give me mini-heart attacks (thankfully you have grown out of the gasping- whew!!!).
- You are very “busy” and your arms and legs are almost always moving! At about 3 months you started figuring out how your arms and hands work and starting using them to swat at and grab my glasses!
- Your favorite place to have your arms is right next to your ears- like the TOUCHDOWN motion. We still swaddle you when you sleep, but in the mornings as soon as you are un-swaddled your arms go straight up by your head!
- You smell SO GOOD!
- You can roll over…if you want to! You started faking us out when you were just 10 days old (and rolled to your side)! You rolled over for the first time from your tummy to your back on G-Daddy and Mama Lu's ottoman! You were only 9 weeks old (5/21)!!! You have since only done it about 5 times, but you CAN do it! :)
- At about 3 weeks you developed baby acne, we blamed it on the baby lotion and wash we were using and have since only used fragrance-free Aveeno. Your face cleared up in a couple weeks and was kissable the whole time anyway! :)
- You have your Daddy’s floppy ears…they are so bendy! I am constantly checking to make sure I’m not folding them over!
- Your nails grow like weeds…it’s wild! I have to clip them 1-2 times a week!
- Your toenails (besides your big toe) have yet to start growing. I am okay with this!
- You have chunky knees….and I want to eat them! ;)
- Sometimes when your dad and I talk about you or love on you we grit our teeth we love you so much!
- You are a very “aggressive feeder”! Sometimes this scares me, as I think you might drown yourself. You had your first bottle on 6/13 and we're still getting used to how it works. But so far I am impressed with how you are doing!
- You have a love/hate relationship with your swaddlers. You sleep SO WELL all wrapped up in them (because your hands can’t raise up and startle you), but you are sometimes able to fight your way out of them….even with the Velcro (pretty impressive)!
- You usually sleep in a “sleep sack” (manly name for a gown) or snap-up sleepers.
- You love to watch TV, the lights fascinate you!
- Your diapered butt fits perfectly in my hand. I love to hold you up on my shoulder and pat your butt!
- I just realized how embarrassing this list is going to be when you’re 16!
- It makes me happy and sad to think about you being 16! Part of me can’t wait to see the man that you will be, but part of me wants you to stay tiny forever!
- Your umbilical cord didn’t fall off until you were 19 days old….I couldn’t wait to give you a real bath! You LOVED it! You officially have an "innie"!
- You like to be walked, rocked, bounced, and swung. So when you cry we go through quite the “song and dance” until we figure out what you want.
- You are macho! Your arms, shoulders, and thighs look like they already have definition. It’s pretty impressive!
- In your 2nd month you developed a little cradle cap, but after a few applications of Selsun Blue during bathtime your scalp is squeaky clean! :)
- You usually get a bath every other night followed by lotion, on non-bath nights you still get lotioned up! You are NOT a big fan of the lotion.
- Bedtime routine begins between 8:30-9:00. You get a bath (every other night), lotion, clean diaper, PJs, book, nurse, 10 minutes of cuddle/vertical time, and then laid down in your crib. You love bedtime and are usually pretty exhausted and cuddly at this time. :)
- You have a great grip and will hold onto anything…clothes, hands, hair….it’s sometimes painful but always precious!
- You babble all the time and like to talk back to us when we talk to you. I am pretty sure I heard you say "Ma" and "Bye" on your changing table on 5/12! You are a prodigy!
- You laughed out loud for Daddy and Grammie on 5/14 for the 1st time! It is the sweetest sound!
- You started teething at about 2 1/2 months old- the drooling and chewing have begun! Bring on the bibs (good thing you have a TON)! :)
- You are a happy baby- you really only cry when you are tired!
- You started growing eyebrows at about 2 months, but you still don't have very many.
- You love your rattle socks and anything that makes noise!
- Your Daddy and I love you SO much- more than we could have ever imagined!
- We are so thankful that God chose US to be your parents!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Brady is SO popular!

Brady has had lots of visitors since he's been born! Such a popular little dude!!!

Here is Brady with his Mama Lu and his great-grandparents: Nana and Poppy! 4 generations!
Brady's great-aunt Judy!
No one loves babies as much as Nana and Poppy! :)
Cousin Lauren and Thad in Brady's room!
Cousin Jenny holding Brady! I don't think he's crying...I think he's just yelling "I LOVE YOU!", right?
Brady with his sweet great-grandmother, NanNell!
Brady's buddy Jameson came to Lexington to visit! Jameson is 6 weeks older than Brady!

Jameson with his precious parents, Jon and Carly!

Claudia and Stephen with Brady. Claudia called him her "UNC baby" since he was wrapped up in Carolina me, though, this kid will bleed UK BLUE!

The QUA came to visit Brady too!!! Beautiful girls!

One week after Brady was born, his buddy Carter came into the world. Carter's parents are Nancy and Phil- friends from Lexmark! Such a sweet little dude!

The Lexington girls: Sallie, Alicia, and Claire came by to see Brady too! And so did Jilly!

My friend from Alltech, Allie, is a natural!!

Lora Lee's mom, Debbie, had to come love on Brady man too!

Brady is so blessed to have so many people that love him in his life! Thanks to everyone (pictured and not) that came to visit our little guy! Love you ALL!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing....Baby Brady!

Sooooo....last time you heard from me I still had two days before Brady's arrival, right? Well....Brady had other plans! Sunday, March 20th started out like any other Sunday. We woke up and went to church, ate lunch, and of course took an afternoon nap! After our nap I started craving a Summer Snow and we happen to have a little coffee shop/summer snow place in the shopping center near our house (like .3 miles away), and since it was such a pretty day I asked Hays to walk down there with me. I was slightly disappointed when we realized that the place was closed by the time we got there....early Sunday we decided to walk back home and get in the truck and head back down to the shopping center to do a little grocery shopping at Kroger. We are NOT crazy enough to try to carry our groceries .3 of a mile (it doesn't sound like a long way, but it SO is when you are carrying bags of groceries)! On our way back to the house there is a slight hill and I start getting REALLY winded. I even said to Hays "I can tell I'm getting close to having this baby....I feel like I can't even move anymore!". Haha- little did I know.... We made it through our grocery shopping with ease and headed home to unload. While I unloaded and organized the groceries Hays started making our dinner. We ended up eating dinner a little later than usual (around 8PM) but it didn't really bother us because we'd slept most of the afternoon so we weren't terribly hungry. I finished my dinner about 8:30 and grabbed the laptop to do a little Facebook stalking while Hays was watching ESPN. I put my feet up in Hays' lap and he started giving me a foot massage (he's an awesome hubby!)...also, for those of you that know me well this sounds crazy, right? A FOOT MASSAGE?!?! But don't worry, I had my socks on....I'm still a psycho about feet! About 5 minutes into my Facebook stalking a look up at Hays and scream "Oh my God!". He said he thought I was about to tell him that someone was engaged or pregnant from my Facebook stalking, but NO....this was bigger, WAY bigger! I said "I think my water just broke!" and I ran to the bathroom, convinced my water had broken or I had just peed all over myself! Turns out I was was in fact my water so we call the doctor's office to tell them IT IS TIME! I knew the office wasn't open, as it was about 8:40 on a Sunday night, but I knew they could tell the doctor on call that I was in labor so they would be expecting me. Unfortunately, my doctor was not the doctor on call that evening, it was Dr. Owen. He called me back shortly after I called the office and asked me a few questions about my symptoms. He was as calm as could be, and I'm sure he thought there was NO WAY I was actually in labor. He told me to come on in and we would check things out. I told him that Brady was breech and that I had scheduled a C-Section for Tuesday, then asked if this really was my water that broke what we would do. He said....again as cool as a cucumber...."I guess we'll have that baby tonight"! I started freaking out! I mean seriously...I thought I had 2 more days to get ready for this....I still had a to do list....I hadn't done my pre-admission testing! EEEEK!!!! This is really happening! Hays and I both call our parents and sisters and tell them that this is IT! Here we go!!! As much as I was freaking out, Hays was as calm as could be. He was actually being logical at a time like this! I was literally running around my house with my to do list out saying "We should wash our sheets.....I need to shave my legs.....I didn't have a chance to mail our taxes"! I was a mess, but Hays was totally rational...he said "Jess, we're having this baby do not have to worry about your to do list....put on your clothes and let's go to the hospital!" So I did...I listened. I got in the shower and got ready and we headed to the hospital. Of course, in the meantime I did ask Hays to do 400 different things...pack the bags in the car, make the bed, take our picture before we know, the important stuff! ;) Here is our last picture together before heading to the hospital.....OMG we are about to be parents!!!!!!!!! Can you tell we are excited?!?!?!Once we got to the hospital, things were moving at warp speed. They got me changed into a gown immediately. Started my IV and got Dr. Owen to examine me. I forgot to mention that although my water did in fact break (Dr. Owen confirmed), I never had a contraction. I'm not sure if this is because of Brady's position or because I am just weird, but I still have NO IDEA what contractions feel like (lucky me, I guess)! ;) Dr. Owen said I was 1cm dialated, this was the only time I had ever had my cervix checked my entire pregnancy. I guess it's random how far dialated a person is when their water breaks....pretty crazy. Then Dr. Owen did a quick ultrasound to confirm that Brady was still breech....and of course, he was! They brought in this stack of papers for me to fill out and at the same time another nurse keeps asking me questions. I pass over the papers to Hays and he is filling them out and another nurse comes in and starts taking each page as he finishes it....I shoot Hays a panicked look and he asks the nurse "Ummm..what kind of timeline are we looking at for having this baby? It looks like things are moving pretty quickly." The nurse answered nonchalantly "Oh, about 20 minutes!". I really couldn't believe it- we were going to meet Brady in just a few short minutes. To be honest with you, the next 20 minutes was a blur....I was so overwhelmed by the fact that I was going to get to meet Brady soon!!!!! My OB is SO awesome, I have loved going to her this entire pregnancy, but she totally outdid herself by coming in on her night off (on HER BIRTHDAY) to be the one to deliver Brady. I was so happy that she was able to come in and do the C-Section. I fully trust her and knew she would do a wonderful job. I'm sure anyone would have, but I was really happy it was HER! She came in a few minutes before they took me back to the OR and said she was really excited to meet Brady soon! They gave Hays his marshmellow man suit and put this lovely cap on me and then wheeled me off to the OR, but not before I got a kiss from my hubby! So I had to go into the OR alone first so they could get me prepped and start my spinal block (they do this for C-Sections instead of epidurals). I was pretty nervous about this, but honestly it was MUCH less painful and MUCH quicker than even my IV (which was about 2 inches from my wrist and had to stay in for 48 hours....YUCK)! The anesthesiologist was really sweet and obviously super talented because I didn't feel much at all (even though I'm pretty sure I gasped when she put in the numbing shot....I know....I'm a baby!). After I got the spinal, I immediately could not feel my legs. I had no idea this would kick in (ha! no pun intended) so quickly! The nurses had to place my legs on the operating table because I couldn't do anything myself! It is THE weirdest feeling ever! Then they put up the sheet that blocks my view from my chest down and the anesthesiologist starts doing a test with a cold swab to see where I start feeling it, I guess this is how they tell that I'm numb enough to start operating. I was paying VERY close attention to this test because I did NOT want to feel anything!!! Hays was able to come into the OR pretty soon after this test and I was SO happy to see him. Something about being naked in a sterile room with a bunch of people in masks is a little creepy so it was great to have my sweet hubby by my side. And even though he had to wear a mask, I could see his smile ALL OVER his face! After Hays got settled up by my head, I immediately started feeling pressure in and on my stomach. I know that they tell you that there's "going to be a lot of pressure", but I don't think I really knew what this meant! It is A LOT of felt like Hays was sitting on top of my belly. It was so weird. I know I keep saying that, but really, the sensation of a C- Section is just WEIRD! Anyway, it seemed like in NO TIME at all Dr. Schell said "Okay, Hays, get your camera, we're about to meet Brady!". I was freaking out....this was it....we were about to meet him after ALL this time!!! Hays pulled out the camera and started snapping away. Brady's butt came out first (and he pooted.....which I think was his way of saying "HI" to the world), then his legs, then his back, and last his head. I heard Hays say "He's got hair!" and then I heard Brady start crying- it was the most beautiful noise I've ever heard! Then Dr. Schell held Brady over the curtain for me to see him and he sneezed! It was hilarious and SO cute- I was of course instantly in love! Then they had to pass him over to the pediatric team who was there to get him all cleaned up and suctioned out. Hays got to watch all this and he kept saying "He's perfect! He's so perfect, Jess!" I was in happy to have my little man safely in this world! After they got him all cleaned and wrapped up Hays brought him over to me and I got to kiss him and love on him for a minute before they had to go to the nursery. Hays left the OR and got to carry Brady down to the nursery where they measured (19 3/4 inches), weighed (7 pounds 14 ounces) and cleaned up his umbilical cord. Usually this is also when they give him his bath, but Brady's temperature was a bit low, so they just let him hang out under the heat lamp. How cute is my little man?!?! Fatherhood looks good on him, doesn't it? :) All the while I was in the OR getting sewn back up. I honestly don't remember much of what happened after my boys left, Hays said he thinks the anesthesiologist slipped me something strong to knock me out a bit. I do remember shaking a LOT and her saying she was going to give me something to help. Either way, I don't remember anything until they wheeled me into the recovery room where "Everybody Loves Raymond" was on TV and soon after Hays and Brady came in. I couldn't wait to get my hands on my little guy. This is our first picture together!
The look on my face is complete bliss! Oh my's the best feeling in the world to hold your newborn baby! I can totally understand how the Duggars have 47 kids (isn't that how many they are up to now?)- it is euphoria when you get to hold them!!! Brady was so calm and quiet and let me kiss all over him! When we tried to nurse he was a CHAMP and acted like he'd been doing it for years. I was so happy! He really is the best baby I could have ever asked for. We are so blessed!

Thank you so much for all your prayers for our family of three!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Baby Brady,

There is no way for me to adequately describe what the last 9 months have meant to me. I am so honored that God chose me to be your mom. I have enjoyed every up and down this entire pregnancy (to be honest, there were WAY MORE ups than downs). I can hardly even remember those middle of the night trips to the bathroom, but I will NEVER EVER forget the first time I heard your heartbeat and the first time I felt you kick! You are the best thing that has ever happened to your dad and me! And I hope that I'm able to show you that every single day!

I don't think I have ever prayed for anything as much in my life as much as I have for you! Almost two years ago I started praying that God would let me be a mommy. Your dad and I wanted to be parents SO badly and words cannot express how happy we were to find out that I was pregnant with you (it's another one of those days I will never EVER forget)! As soon as I found out I was having you my prayers changed- I was so thankful to be given this gift (you) and so anxious for all the things I had no control over. There are SO many things in life, Brady, that you have no control over, and it's honestly a great thing because God's plans for things are ALWAYS better than ours and He is the one in control. I know that He is the one that has taken care of you and made you perfect these last 9 months, and I can't wait to meet you in just a couple more days!

Brady, I love you so much- more than I even thought possible before! You have truly made my heart grow bigger because of the amount of love I have for you. Thank you for showing me how to love like this! I know my heart will only continue to grow with love for you in the future. Please know that there is nothing you will EVER do to make me love you less- trust me, "my cup runneth over" with love for you! I am going to try my best to be the perfect mommy, but I KNOW this isn't possible. I apologize in advance, but please know that I am doing my very best because that is what you deserve.

I'm so ready to live this crazy thing called "life" with you and your dad. Our journey to a family of three has been the happiest time in my life and I know it doesn't hold ANYTHING to how much fun we'll have in the future! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!

(As your dad and I say...) 143,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surprise Work Celebrations for Brady

On Wednesday after school, Hays was supposed to have a professional development meeting. When he arrived in the library for the meeting his co-workers stopped him and directed him to a table set up in the back of the room with cake and presents for baby Brady! He was totally surprised and grateful for the gesture!

Cute cake table:
Sweet cake "Congratulations on your baby boy"!
And they were even sweet enough to send some home for ME! Love them for that! :)
Hays with the table of goodies:
He was totally surprised!
Opening presents. They got Brady a book, a light up singing toy, and a card with a gift card to Wal-Mart! Soooo thoughtful! We are so thankful for the sweet people Hays works with!
At my work we celebrate our birthdays each month. On Friday we were celebrating the March birthdays, so at about 3PM everyone met in the breakroom. When I walked in everyone clapped, which I thought was weird because I'm not a March birthday, but I thought "Maybe they are clapping for the March birthday that I have growing inside me- Baby Brady!". Then Jackie, the ring leader for the party said that they wanted ME to cut the cake. I was still clueless so I assumed they just wanted the person with the biggest sweet tooth to cut the cake so I made my way over to the cake and saw this:
How sweet are my co-workers?!?! They had already thrown me a shower weeks ago, and were now celebrating my last day of work too! I just love these people! :) Here's a picture of me (and my huge belly) with the cake! I was so surprised! :)

Presenting.....Brady's nursery!

Brady's nursery is officially complete and ready for him! Now all we need is a baby...and he will be here on Tuesday!!! :)

This is the wall you see as soon as you open the door to Brady's nursery. Nana used to sing this song to me when I was a baby....actually she sang it to all the grandbabies and I'm sure she'll sing it to Brady too! :)
Once you walk into the room the first thing you see is Brady's crib and his name on the wall. Behind that we've got cubes filled with empty picture frames ready to fill with pictures of our little cutie!
Next to the cubes is the window (with a basket FULL of books underneath) and the glider and ottoman that I'm sure I'll spend countless hours in over the next few months!
Then next to the glider is Brady's dresser/changing table. The white thing on the side of the dresser is the diaper organizer (It's awesome! With a place for everything from diapers, to wipes, to diaper rash cream, and anything else little man could need)!
This is a close up of what is sitting on his dresser: his precious lamp, diaper cake from my Alltech shower, and his BRADY blocks! :)
Here's a close up of the other diaper cake from my family shower that Rachel got us. It is sitting on top of the cubes and has a ribbon picture frame behind it (with SPORTS all over it, of course)!Here's Brady's jam-packed closet! Whew- this kid is going to be well-dressed for sure! Most of the bottom of the closet is FILLED with diapers and wipes! I'm sure it won't take us long to work our way through those, though! :)
So this isn't in Brady's nursery, but I still think it's cute- it's the carseat! It is installed, inspected, and ready for Brady!
The carseat was part of a Chicco travel system. Here is the stroller that the carseat fits into (for when Brady is little) or Brady can sit directly in it when he's older.
Bags are packed and sitting by the back door. By the end of the weekend these will be loaded in the car so we are ALL SET!